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Centrist Moderate Presidential Candidate Judeo-Christian Val Paul is the

57-year old cousin of civil Rights Icon Reverend Al Sharpton although their background & views differ. Val Paul is from Springfield, Massachusetts. She is a Veteran and has 4 college degrees including an MBA. In studying business, management, law marketing and communications, she graduated top of her class. Paul was awarded into Phi Theta Kappa and ALANA Honor Societies. Like her cousin, she has worked in nonprofit assisting the poor and disadvantaged in public housing (receiving a Tireless work award) as well as in college participating in the Best Buddies Organization for youth with Downs Syndrome. Much of her life divided into caring for a disabled family member while working in several businesses including banking, transportation, manufacturing and ultimately managing tax offices. Temporarily she worked in the Chamber of Commerce and in government clerking in Purchasing for the City of East Point and for Georgetown-Quitman County Office.

In the United States military, Val Paul managed handling of Classified materials, reformatted NITRAS system, and handled overnight emergencies regarding servicemembers including deaths and suicides. Val Paul was selected for OCS and for overseas duty in Iran.

Paul has engaged in policies & politics at all levels for the last couple of decades. 



*Put more money in the pockets of American families

*Also, including No taxes on Tips

*Ensure & protect the stability of the American family

*Continue Social Security & Medicare

*Take care of Veterans & move towards eliminating all Veteran homelessness & joblessness.


*In order to better focus educators, possibly combining Departments of Labor & Education

*Eliminate Liberal components (aka belly-button picking)

*Art, Music, & Sports remain in Education system

*Mending American History without slights

*Provide advance learning/skill/trade development

*Upgrade overall Public Education across the nation with consistent high standard  equal quality learning environment across populations


​*Endorses USPS

*Will stop the cutting of USPS

*Will improve and expand USPS service 


Val Paul is pro-women in the aspects of setting up societal system so that all supports and sustains women without women compromising their own reality.  There is no support for penalizing women. There is full support for women in every way in that whether married or not, women head-up 51% of American households and women need to wrap their heads around that and have a shift in paradigm. We need a country more supportive & protective of the female population.


*Incentivize advance environmental E-85 fueling station availability across the country

*Floral wind turbines instead of the blade bird killers

*Reduce imports from countries that are the worse environment violators

*Rejects mining the ocean

*Undertake larger scale of recycling as possible

*Align standards

*Further biking lanes & green space

*Utilize/apply innovations


*Lowering taxes where essential

*Lowering costs for textile production


*Remove Systemic Racism preventing it from continuing to cripple the greatness of America


*Will continue to work with NATO & American allies

*Will not stoke wars

*Will apply peacemaking and diplomacy as applicable

 Ms. Val Paul has a plan for economic recovery, border security & immigration reform, quality public education, justice & prison reform, removal of systemic racism, term limits and environmental improvement. The former Presidential Candidate believes in a government working for all American people, a unified country of peace, of resolve, of quality of life where the average American family is thrives and women and children are respected. Val Paul is the only candidate that will advance America to the next level of greatness.

* Unity in America (non-extremist)

* Unapologetically Pro-American!! & 

   America First
* Pro Faith, Pro Family, Pro Freedom
* Pro U.S. Constitution
* Will Complete the Trump Wall &

   Secure Our Borders 

* Pro-Energy Independence

* Pro 2nd Amendment
* Strong Military
* Strong VA & Veteran Support

* Upgrade Public Education

* Pro-Life Pro-Women & Mothers
* Strong Social Security
* Ending Arrest Quotas 

* Improving Police Culture

* As President, Will settle the

   Ukraine/Russia conflict 

   peacefully in 5 minutes.

About Hypocrite Harris

 "During her 28-year tenure as a county prosecutor, district attorney (D.A.) and state attorney general (A.G.), Harris proved quite willing to live up to the epithet. In the public eye, she spoke of racial justice and liberal values...But behind closed doors, she repeatedly fought for more aggressive prosecution not just of violent criminals but of people who committed misdemeanors and 'quality of life' crimes."

                                   -E.N. Brown

*Perhaps the reason you have not known this candidate is that she refused the advances of a RNC operative for an overnight; whereas it is public knowledge that Harris used sexual favors to get ahead in her career.

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